Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all



What is an EmoSociogram

The term emosociogram is introduced, by adopting the term sociogram and enriching the information on it with the inclusion of data related with the emotional competencies of the individuals or the group. An emosociogram is a directed weighted graph with asymmetric relationships, where the nodes represent the members of a social group, while the edges the relationships among them. Four type of relationships are considered, denoting preference, rejection, perception of preference and perception of rejection among the members of the group. Different weights represent the intensity of each relationship. An emosociogram is a multi-graph, meaning that a pair of nodes may have different types of relationships simultaneously (parallel edges). For instance, node A may have a “preference” relationship towards node B and at the same time a “perception of preference” relationship with node B.

EmoSociograms Assesment Tool

The EmoSociograms tool can be applied in educational groups for the improvement of the collaboration among students, the reduction of social exclusion phenomena and the improvement in the achieved learning outcomes.

EmoSociograms regards a modular open source software under GNU General Public License v3.0. The core functionalities include the management of the groups (creation of groups, management of group members), the management of the produced emosociograms and the assessment of social and emotional competencies at individual and group level.

How to get EmoSociograms

EmoSociograms is released on May of 2023 and can be freely used by any interested party here:

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