Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all


Innovative Assesment Methodology

EduCardia assessment methodology aims to provide a holistic set of results for tackling assessment of socio-emotional competencies of students, including the toolkit, the training material for teachers, the set of SEL activities, the revised EI model and a set of adoption guidelines. The basic steps of the methodology are:

  • Step I

    Get Informed

    A teacher gets in touch with the SEL training material for educators to get familiarized with the EmoSocio model, the way to apply the proposed emotional training activities and the usage of theEmoSociograms psychometric tool.

  • Step II

    Apply EmoSociograms in the classroom

    The teacher invites the students to use the EmoSociograms Tool. Following, the teacher gets access to the indivindual and group reports generated from the tool. Social dynamics and emotional intelligence characteristics of the students are revealed to the teacher.

  • Step III

    Selection of the appropiate SEL activities

    The teacher selects the activities that seem to be more helpful to ameliorate the emotional clima of the classroom and address the educational needs of the students. This process can be assisted through a recommendation engine that will be made available by EduCardia.

  • Step IV

    Application and evaluation of the proposed SEL activities

    The teacher applies the proposed activities into the classroom. Both the teacher and the students provide feedback regarding their experience during each activity. Step IV is repeated as many time as the teacher desires.

  • Step V

    Monitor the impact of Emotional training interventions

    From time to time the teacher invites the students to interact with the EmoSociograms tool. Steps III to V can be repeated to monitor the improvement of socioemotional skills of the students at individual and group level.

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