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Our Consortium

EduCardia consists of a consortium with five partners from four countries across Europe (Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Romania). The consortium has an interdisciplinary structure, since it combines expertise in the areas of educational sciences, psychology, emotional intelligence, social network analysis and information and communication technologies (ICT).

National Technical University of Athens Team

NTUA is working on the development of various ICT solutions that assist to address challenges related with social sciences. One of these activities regards the development of models and ICT tools that aim to measure emotional intelligence constructs, as well as to assist the measurement of the evolution of such constructs.

Universitat de Barcelona Team

GROP is a research group at the Faculty of Education of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). It’s main line of research is emotional education which seeks to develop a theoretical framework and design emotional education programs for diverse recipients, with the aim of enhancing the development of emotional skills, as well as numerous and diverse research and high-impact publications along these lines. GROP has a wide experience in developing teacher training, designing , implementation and evaluation of emotional educational programs in centers and
as well as in researching institutions from the local, regional and national levels.

Red Internacional de Educación Emocional y Bienestar Team

RIEEB (Red Internacional de Educación Emocional y Bienestar) is an International Network of Emotional Education and Wellbeing. It’s purpose is to disseminate emotional education. RIEEB promotes projects with training material for teachers and professionals that include emotional education training courses and current research on the implementation of emotional education.

Stefan cel Mare University Team

The Faculty of Sciences of Education of USV has expertise in developing teacher training programs in cooperation with educational and research institutions from the local, regional and national levels. A master degree study programs for teachers and educational staff is offered that develops a perspective of fostering wellbeing and mental health in schools through teacher training. The Department provides in-service courses for teachers in the field of emotional education, parents’ education, school communication, and school relationships. EduCardia meets the faculty needs to develop high-quality training programs for students to develop their emotional skills and the staff involved are qualified and eager to pursue all the project’s goals. USV will participate at all stages of the project and it will contribute to the best implementation of it.

Cyprus Pedagogical Institute Team

The CPI runs a number of professional development programs every year, including large scale centralized trainings and school-based programs ( It has developed structures and processes that allow the effective
implementation of its programs in collaboration with the departments of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the teacher unions and other stakeholders. At the same time, the CPI develops online environments, digital tools and content in order to support the teachers and their professional development.

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