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EduCardia meeting in Nicosia

EduCardia meeting in Nicosia

The 3rd in-person meeting of the EduCardia project took place on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2023 in Nicosia in Cyprus, hosted by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI). All the project partners, coming from Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Romania, met together and made joint efforts to keep the EduCardia’s schedule on track.

Given that during the upcoming school year (2023-2024) the EduCardia methodology will be applied to schools in all the aforementioned countries, the EduCardia team members work hard to provide all the necessary material and tools to the schools’ community.

During our meeting in Nicosia we exchanged information regarding the progress achieved per result of the project, we reviewed the current status and set out a time plan for the upcoming months. We were in a glad position to have ready the most refined version of the EduCardia assessment methodology (Result 1) and get updated by the UB team for the upcoming release of the EmoSocio EI Model (Result 2). It should be mentioned that the EmoSocio EI Model is already validated based on its application in schools in four countries with the participation of more than 2000 students. The first version of the EmoSocio inventories will be publicly released by the end of the summer!

We also took the opportunity to consolidate the Teachers Training Material (Result 3) in the form of a two-days Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) training course. The course covers both theoretical aspects regarding the emotional education in schools and its positive impacts on pupils’ performance as well as practical sessions where teachers will learn how to assess and improve their students’ competencies via the EduCardia software tools and didactic materials. The first version of the Teachers Training program material is developed and is going to be revised and slightly extended to be made available to teachers for the upcoming school year.

In addition, we have already designed 60 SEL activities based on the methodology that we will follow for the “Emotional competencies training program for students”. We have developed a solid foundation for the didactic strategies that the proposed SEL activities are based on, as well as all the relevant metadata that will make the activities easily adopted by the teachers.

Last but not least, the EmoSociograms psychometric tool is already released and tested by the pilot schools. The extensive usage of the software helped us to come up with some improvements. All the partners reported on the collected feedback by the end users in schools, while interesting tips were collected for further improvements of the software. During our meeting, we proudly showcased the first release of the EduCardia SEL repository which will host all the SEL activities of EduCardia and will be officially deployed the upcoming months.

Our meeting was held at the premises of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. After the first day session we had the opportunity to get a tour at the historic center of Nicosia and dive into the rich history of Nicosia and it’s multicultural origins.

Lot of work is ahead to manage to achieve the EduCardia results, however we are in a position that we can work over a solid basis of produced outcomes. Stay tuned to our web page and social media channels to learn more about the EduCardia project results!

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